News and Events

Congratulations to Andre Lai and Rachel Rex for receiving their PhD’s!!

May 20, 2024

Congratulations to Emilie Petit for being named a Rose Hills Scholar!

May 20, 2024

We look forward to all the amazing things you will do this summer in lab!

Welcome Trinity, Woochul, Will, and Maia!

February 5, 2024

Looking forward to a great semester with you all!

Andre is named a Siebel Scholar!

October 13, 2023

Congratulations, Andre! Read more about the Siebel Scholars, Class of 24 here and here.

Welcome Chang Chen to the group!

October 1, 2023

Chang is a first-year ME graduate student and is supported by a Chancellor’s Fellowship.

Stephanie Eberly passes her qualifying exam!

October 1, 2023


Taylor Thomsen joins the lab!

July 3, 2023

Welcome! We look forward to all the great things you will be doing!

Joy’s poster, Spatial Interactions Between Breast Cancer and Immune Cells Using High-Throughput DNA-Directed Patterning, was awarded “Best Poster Runner-Up” in the Cells & Tissues Category at the 23rd Annual University of California Bioengineering Symposium!

July 3, 2023

Congratulations, Joy!

Pritika Acharya awarded the SURF L&S Fellowship!

May 16, 2023

Congrats, Pritika! We’re looking forward to having you in the lab over the summer!

Rachel Rex Awarded a Slater Fellowship!

January 26, 2023


Pierre-Jean Croux successfully defends his EPFL Master’s Thesis!

December 6, 2022

Congrats, Pierre-Jean!

Mechano-Node Pore Sensing is in the Fall Berkeley Engineer!

November 20, 2022

Read about mechano-Node Pore Sensing and the Power of Simplicity. 


Thomas and Molly’s recent paper is highlighted on the front page of Berkeley Engineering!

June 8, 2022

Read the Berkeley Engineering news article here and find the full publication at Analytical Chemistry!

Congratulations to Matt Bronar and Corey Pierce, Class of 2022!!

May 22, 2022

We look forward to hearing all the amazing things that you will do after graduation.  Go Bears!

Our paper, Detecting Intact Virus Using Exogenous Oligonucleotide Labels, has been published in ACS Analytical Chemistry!

May 22, 2022

Congratulations Thomas Carey, Jennifer Hall, Molly Kozminsky, and Laurent Coscoy’s team, Valerie Vargas-Zapata and Kristina Geiger!


Joy Chen (BioE) and Jessica Ortiz (BioE) join the group!

May 12, 2022


Stephanie Eberly awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

April 10, 2022


Zahir Chaudhry is selected as a SURF Rose Hills Fellow!

March 31, 2022

Congratulations Zahir!

Sean Kitayama is accepted as a graduate student mentor for the 2022 SMART Program!

January 13, 2022

Congratulations, Sean, on being selected to this wonderful program!

Brian Li graduated in December!

January 5, 2022

Congratulations!  Good luck at Illumina!

Brian Li’s paper, Mechanical phenotyping of acute promyelocytic leukemia reveals unique biomechanical responses in retinoic acid-resistant populations, has been accepted to iScience!

January 5, 2022

Co-Authors include Sean Kitayama and Corey Pierce in our lab, Annie Maslan in the Streets Lab, and Aaron Streets.  Congratulations!  A great way to start 2022!

Rachel Rex passes her qualifying exam! Congratulations!

December 14, 2021

Molly’s paper is highlighted in Berkeley News!

November 12, 2021

Read the Berkeley News article here and find the full research paper at Advanced Science!

Andre Lai wins the “Outstanding Sensors and Actuators, Detection Technologies Poster Award” at MicroTAS!

October 15, 2021

Andre’s poster was entitled “Microfluidic Platform for Multifrequency Viscoelastic Phenotyping of Single Cells.”  Congratulations!!!!

Andre Lai passes his qualifying exam!

October 11, 2021


Our paper, Evaluating sources of technical variability in the mechano-node-pore sensing pipeline and their effect on the reproducibility of single-cell mechanical phenotyping, a joint effort with Mark LaBarge and Stefan Hinz at the City of Hope, is accepted to PLOS ONE!

October 11, 2021

Congratulations Brian, Kristen, and Nate!

Kristen Cotner is named a Siebel Scholars Fellow!

September 10, 2021

Congratulations, Kristen!

Molly Kozminsky, Olivia Scheideler, Brian Li, and Nathaniel Liu’s paper, Multiplexed DNA-Directed Patterning of Antibodies for Applications in Cell Subpopulation Analysis, has been accepted to ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!

September 9, 2021


Molly’s paper is accepted to Advanced Science!

August 27, 2021

Molly’s paper is entitled, DNA-directed patterning for versatile validation and characterization of a lipid-based nanoparticle model of SARS-CoV-2.  Congratulations!

Congrats to Rachel Rex, Andre Lai, and Stephanie Eberly

August 15, 2021

Rachel, Andre, and Stephanie have been awarded H2H8 Graduate Research Grants!  Congratulations!

Thomas Carey Receives his Ph.D.!

August 15, 2021

Congratulations, Dr. Carey!  We look forward to hearing all the awesome things you will be doing in the future!

Stephanie Eberly Is Awarded a T32 Predoctoral Fellowship from the NIH Biology and Biotechnology of Cell and Gene Therapy Training Program

August 15, 2021

Congratulations, Stephanie!

Andre Lai is selected as the Brodie Scholar in Bioengineering!

May 29, 2021

Congratulations, Andre!!!

Sean Kitayama has been named a Lloyd Scholar in Bioengineering!

May 29, 2021

Congratulations, Sean!

Priya Vijayakumar is awarded the Guangyi R. Zheng Prize

May 6, 2021

The Guangyi R. Zheng Prize was established by Cinian Zheng-Durbin, an alumna of the M.E. Department at Berkeley, in memory of her father for his love and inspiration.  Priya was awarded the Zheng Prize for demonstrating the spirit of engineering innovation and creativity. Congratulations Priya!

Kristen Cotner awarded UC Berkeley’s Outstanding GSI Award!

April 2, 2021

Congratulations!!  Well deserved!

Molly Kozminsky Awarded the 2021 AACR-Women in Cancer Research Scholar Award!

March 18, 2021

Congrats, Molly! Molly will be presenting her work, “DNA-directed patterning as a tool to study prostate cancer-bone marrow niche interactions at single cell and system level,” at the Annual AACR Meeting in April.

Nathaniel Liu is awarded the Ralph A. Seban Heat Transfer Fellowship!

December 8, 2020


Priya Vijayakumar’s abstract, “A semi-autonomous, multi-zone, microfluidic platform to measure transendothelial electrical resistance,” has been accepted to BEIS 2021!

December 5, 2020

Congratulations, Priya!!

Sean Kitayama passes his quals!

November 19, 2020


Molly Kozminsky has been selected to give a talk, “DNA-directed patterning enables fabrication of an in vitro bone marrow niche to study prostate tumor cell dormancy,” at Cell Bio Virtual 2020 in December.

September 23, 2020


Nate’s, Sean’s, and Kristen’s abstracts are accepted to MicroTAS 2020!

August 17, 2020

Congrats Nate, Sean, and Kristen!

Nate successfully defends his Master’s Thesis!

August 17, 2020

Congrats, Nate!  Onward toward your Ph.D.!

Sean Kitayama is named a Craven Scholar in Bioengineering!

June 25, 2020

Congratulations, Sean!

Thomas Carey awarded a CRCC Fellowship!

June 23, 2020

Thomas was awarded a University of California Cancer Research Coordinating Committee (CRCC) Fellowship for his work in developing a novel method to screen for tumor-derived exosomes.  Congratulations!!!

Andre Lai (BioE) joins the lab!

June 23, 2020

Welcome!  We’re looking forward to celebrating when we are all able to get together again…

Rachel Rex is awarded a 2020 GE Women’s Network Scholarship!

May 14, 2020

The Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Selection Committee selected Rachel out of 1500 applicants.  She was chosen for demonstrating outstanding academic achievement and strong engineering potential.  Congratulations!

Thomas Carey receives the 2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award!

April 15, 2020


Olivia Scheideler’s paper on high-throughput DNA-directed patterning is published in Science Advances!

March 19, 2020

You can read her paper here.  A feature article on the work can be found on the Berkeley Research News website. Congratulations, Olivia, and lab co-authors, Molly Kozminsky and Roberto Falcon-Banchs!!!!

Thomas, Brian, and Kristen’s review paper, Developments in label-free microfluidic methods for single-cell analysis and sorting is one of WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology Top 10 Downloaded Articles in 2019!

March 3, 2020

Congrats Thomas, Brian, and Kristen. You can find their paper here

Congrats to Nate for passing his qualifying exam!

January 28, 2020

Congrats Nate!

Olivia Scheideler has been selected to give a talk at ASCB’s Annual Meeting in December!

September 18, 2019

Olivia will present her work on “Recapitulating Biological Signaling Scenarios with Spatiotemporal Control Using a Multiplexed, DNA-Patterning Approach.”  Congratulations!

Sohn Lab is well represented at BMES 2019 in Philadelphia!

July 19, 2019

Thomas Carey was selected to give an oral presentation on his exosome work.  Roberto Falcon-Banchs and Brian Li were selected to give poster presentations on their TEER and mechano-NPS work, respectively.  Congratulations to Thomas, Roberto, and Brian!

Sean Kitayama is awarded a Berkeley Stem Cell Center Predoctoral Fellowship!

July 5, 2019

The fellowship is supported through the Center’s NIH Stem Cell Biological Engineering Training Program.  Congrats!

Thomas Carey is selected to give an Oral Presentation at MicroTAS 2019!

July 5, 2019

Thomas will speak about his exosome project, “Node-Pore Sensing Device to Detect Tumor-Derived Extracellular Vesicles,” at MicroTAS 2019 in Basel, Switzerland in October.  Congratulations!

Molly Kozminsky and Brian Li will present at MicroTAS 2019!

July 5, 2019

Both Molly and Brian have been selected to present posters at MicroTas 2019 in Basel, Switzerland in October.  Molly will present on her work on prostate-cancer dormancy and Brian will present on his work on mechanophenotyping of acute promyelocytic leukemia cells.  Congratulations!

Welcome to all our summer student researchers!

June 19, 2019

Welcome new students Anni Mao and Kevin Rubio, who are part of the Bioengineering Scholars Program, Matthew Bronars (ME and CS), and Kate Spencer from Choate Rosemary Hall.  Welcome back Jennifer Hall, Priya Vijayakumar, Everett Morton, and Seraphina Joseph!

Molly Kozminsky, PhD receives the Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award

June 19, 2019

Congratulations, Molly!!!!

Youngbin Kim and Emma Ciminelli, Class of 2019, graduate!

May 23, 2019

Congratulations!  We’re so proud of both of you!

Sean Kitayama (BioE) joins the lab!

May 9, 2019


Roberto Falcon-Banchs named a Siebel Scholar!

May 9, 2019


Our visco-NPS paper has been accepted to iScience. Congratulations Junghyun, Brian, Olivia, and Youngbin!

February 23, 2019

Molly’s abstract has been accepted to the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting

February 8, 2019

The title of her abstract is “Fabrication and validation of an in vitro bone marrow microenvironment for the study of prostate cancer progression.” Congrats!

Prof. Sohn is an invited speaker at Translational Medicine Day at UC San Diego

February 8, 2019

Conference details can be found here.

Prof. Sohn is an invited speaker at the Microfluidics Consortium 10.2 meeting

February 8, 2019

Details of the Microfluidics Consortium can be found here. The MF 10.2 meeting will take place on 2/11/19 at Stanford University.

Brian presents Mechano-NPS at the ACSB Meeting in San Diego today

December 11, 2018

The title of his poster is “Cellular Mechanophenotyping Using Mechano-Node-Pore Sensing”. Congrats!

Olivia Scheideler will present her high-throughput DNA cell patterning work at the 2019 CMBE Meeting in January

December 11, 2018

Olivia will present a poster, “A High-Throughput Approach for Assembling Multiplexed DNA Patterns to Recapitulate Niche Signaling Interactions with Spatiotemporal Control,” at the meeting in January in San Diego.  Congrats!

Kristen Cotner passes her qualifying exam!

October 15, 2018


Conferences where the Sohn Lab are well represented…

October 5, 2018

Many congrats to Claudia S. Perez Draper, Amgen Fellow, who was chosen to present her paper, “The Integration of Conductive Collagen in a Microfluidic Platform for Trans-Endothelial Electrical Resistance Measurements,” to the 2018 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in Indiana November 14-17     //     Thomas Carey who gave the Key Note on his exosome work at the SelectBIO Conference in San Diego, Oct. 2.  He will also be presenting a poster at MicroTAS in November in Taiwan     //     Molly Kozminksy who is attending MIT’s ChemE Rising Stars Program this week     //     Roberto Falcon-Banchs who will be presenting his work on spatial-temporal TEER measurements at this year’s Bioengineering Retreat (Oct. 26-28) in Asilomar

Nate Liu joins our group!

September 17, 2018

Nate is a 2nd-year ME graduate student and Berkeley Fellow.  Welcome!

Welcome Sean Kitayama, first-year BioE rotation student!

September 17, 2018

We look forward to a great semester with Sean!

Olivia Scheideler is selected to participate in MIT’s Rising Stars in Mechanical Engineering Workshop in October.

September 10, 2018


Thomas Carey is named a Lloyd Scholar for 2018-2019!

July 3, 2018

Congrats, Thomas!

Welcome Everett Morton and Seraphina Joseph!

June 5, 2018

Everett is a rising sophomore here at UC Berkeley and part of the Bioengineering Science Program this summer.  Seraphina Joseph is a rising junior  at Berkeley High.  Welcome!

Welcome Amgen Scholar, Claudia Perez Draper!

June 1, 2018

Claudia is a Molecular Biology Major at the University of Puerto Rico and will be with us for the summer.   We are so excited to have her!

Welcome Molly Kozminsky, Ph.D.!

June 1, 2018

Molly is our new postdoctoral fellow.  She received her PhD from Prof. Sunitha Nagrath’s lab at the University of Michigan.  We’re very excited to have her in our lab!

Our mechano-NPS story is the top feature on the College of Engineering homepage and is in the COE monthly news digest!

April 18, 2018

Our mechano-NPS story is here.  Congrats, Junghyun!

Thomas Carey, Kristen Cotner, and Brian Li’s paper, “Developments in label-free microfluidic methods for single-cell analysis and sorting,” has been accepted to WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology

March 23, 2018


Sewoon Han’s paper, Hydrophobic patterning-based 3D microfluidic cell culture assay, has been accepted to Advanced Healthcare Materials!

March 21, 2018

Congrats Sewoon, Junghyun, Alice, Rui, Kevin, and Vicnent!

Junghyun Kim’s paper, Characterizing mechanical phenotypes with mechano-node-pore-sensing, is the feature article in Nature Microsystems and Nanoengineering!

March 12, 2018

Congratulations, Junghyun!  A link for his paper can be found here.

Thomas Carey wins the 2018 Diagnostics World Early Innovator Award at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference!

February 14, 2018

Thomas wins for his exosome screening work!  Congratulations!

Brian Li’s abstract, Mechanical Phenotyping of Acute Myeloid Leukemias for Predicting Response to Retinoic Acid, has been accepted to the 9th International Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine and Biology (MMB)

February 6, 2018

He will present a poster at this international conference, March 26-28 in Monterey, CA.  Congrats!

Thomas Carey has been named one of three finalists for the 2018 Diagnostics World Early Innovator Award!

February 6, 2018

The Editors of Diagnostics World and the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference production team chose the three finalists based on “the innovation and promise of the work they are presenting.”  Thomas will present his work at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, Feb. 11-16 in San Francisco.  CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK!

Youngbin Kim will present a poster, Microfluidic Rheology to Study Effects of Cell Cycle to Viscoelastic Properties of Epithelial Cells, at the Biophysical Society 62nd Annual Meeting in San Francisco in February 2018.

December 3, 2017


Brian Li will present a poster, Mechanical Phenotyping of Acute Myeloid Leukemias for Predicting Response to Retinoic Acid, at the Biophysics Society 62nd Annual Meeting in San Francisco in February 2018

December 3, 2017


Junghyun Kim is awarded the John and Janet McMurty Fellowship!

December 1, 2017

The John and Janet McMurty Fellowship is awarded to ME students who demonstrate academic excellence.  Junghyun receives this prestigious fellowship in “recognition of [his] distinguished academic record and [the ME department’s] confidence in [his] promise for continued noteworthy achievement.”  Congratulations!

Thomas Carey passes his qualifying exam!

November 16, 2017


Junghyun Kim is awarded the 2018 Graduate Student Shooting Star Award!

November 14, 2017

The 2018 BMES Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMBE) conference organizers selected Junghyun for this great honor based on his “outstanding work in the field of cell and molecular bioengineering.”  He will present his paper, Multi-Variable Mechanical Phenotyping with Mechano-Node-Pore Sensing, at the CMBE conference in January, 2018 in Key Largo, Florida.  Congratulations!

Prof. Sohn featured with colleagues in the Fall 2017 Berkeley Engineer

November 7, 2017

Read  Dean Shastry’s interview on “Inventing the Future” in the Fall Magazine and learn about Prof. Sohn’s vision of the future.

Welcome BioE Rotation Grad Students, Louise Hansen, Alden Moss, and Connor Stashko!

September 24, 2017

We look forward to having a great rotation with you this semester!

Roberto Falcon-Banchs has been selected to give an oral presentation at the 2017 Southern California Biomedical Sciences Graduate Symposium on Oct. 20, 2017

September 24, 2017

Roberto’s talk will be on “A Novel Platform to Investigate the Interplay of Shear Stress and Interstitial Matrix Stiffness on Transendothelial Migration.”  Congrats, Roberto!

Thomas Carey is selected to give an oral presentation at BMES in October on his project!

July 10, 2017


The Lab is will be well represented at MicroTas this Fall!

July 10, 2017

Junghyun Kim has been selected to give an oral presentation on his mechano-NPS project.  Thomas Carey and Sewoon Han have both been selected to give a poster on their projects on exosomes and a path toward organ-on-a-chip. Congrats to everyone!

Thomas Carey is named a Brodie Scholar!

May 30, 2017


Olivia Scheideler is selected as a Siebel Scholar for the 2017-2018 year!

May 30, 2017


BioE grad students and NSF Fellows Brian Li and Kristin Cotner join our group!

May 7, 2017


Olivia Scheideler will present her work at the Single-Cell Biophysics: Measurement, Modulation, and Modeling Conference, June 17-20 in Taipei, Taiwan

April 14, 2017

The title of her poster is “A scalable, DNA-based multicomponent patterning method to model multivariable neural stem cell-niche interactions from a single-cell perspective.”  Congrats!

Olivia Scheideler receives the P.E.O. Scholar Award

March 21, 2017

The P.E.O. Scholar award recognizes Olivia’s “scholarly excellence, academic achievement, career goals, and promise to make a significant contribution to the field.”  Congratulations!

Thomas Carey is awarded the Kang Family Graduate Award for Biotechnology

March 17, 2017

The Kang Family Award is bestowed upon a UC Berkeley graduate student whose research focuses on biotechnology, in particular point-of-care diagnostics or biomarkers. Congratulations!

Thomas was named a finalist of the Tri-Con Diagnostics Word Early Innovator Award!

March 2, 2017


Junghyun Kim to speak at the 7th International Conference on Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Chicago, IL

February 7, 2017

Junghyun’s paper, A Microfluidic Oscillatory Rheometer to Measure Viscoelastic Properties of Cancer Cells, was selected as an oral presentation by the conference organizers.  Congrats!

Junghyun is selected to be a graduate mentor for Berkeley’s SMART program for graduate students!

January 7, 2017

SMART provides an opportunities for graduate students to mentor undergraduates on specific research projects.  This selected program is “designed to broaden the professional development of doctoral students and to foster research skills and paths to advanced studies for undergraduates.”  Congrats, Junghyun!

Prof. Sohn is elected to the College of Fellows at the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)

December 19, 2016

The AIMBE College of Fellows consists of “the most accomplished and distinguished medical and biological engineers responsible for innovation and discovery.”  Prof. Sohn will be inducted as a member of the Class of 2017 during AIMBE’s 2017 Annual Event, March 19-20, 2017, in Washington, DC.

Thomas Carey awarded a 2017 Molecular Med Tri-Conference Student Fellowship

November 23, 2016


Junghyun Kim receives The Graduate Division Nano Block Grant Award!

November 22, 2016

This award is for Junghyun’s academic excellence and research in the area of Nano Technology.  Congratulations!

Welcome to Ali Su, a new BioE rotation student!

September 9, 2016

Welcome to our new research undergrads: Emma Cimenelli, Vincent Kwan, and Connie Yu!

September 9, 2016

Francois passes his EPFL qualifying exam!

August 17, 2016


Prof. Sohn presents “Designing Experiments for Impact” at Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp: Nuclear Upended

August 9, 2016

Roberto and Francois’s review, “Single Cell Label-Free Profiling”, has been accepted to the Encyclopedia of analytical Chemistry!

July 27, 2016


Prof. Sohn participates in the UC Berkeley College of Engineering’s “Girls in Engineering Program”

July 18, 2016

Girls in Engineering is a great program in the College of Engineering focused on inspiring the next-generation of female engineers.  Prof. Sohn presented the talk, “What is Engineering and What Do Engineers Do?”

Undergrad alumni, Nga Ho and Heather Lynch, achieve career milestones!

June 17, 2016

Congrats to Nga who was awarded a PhD in Bioengineering at Boston University!  Congrats also to Heather Lynch who was awarded tenure at Stony Brook University in the Dept. of Ecology and Evolution!

Thomas Carey (BioE) joins our group!

May 19, 2016


Welcome to all our new undergrads: Kevin Luong (BioE), Alice Ma (Integrative Biology), and Nathaniel Liu (ME, UC San Diego

May 19, 2016

Congrats to Kevin Jiang, Andy Lei, and Roy Park—BioE Class of 2016!!!

May 19, 2016

We wish you all the best!

Good luck Christina in med school!

April 30, 2016

We will miss you!

Nahyun passes her quals!

April 1, 2016


Junghyun passes his quals!

March 18, 2016


Kevin Jiang is selected for a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship

March 3, 2016

Kevin will be screening neural and mesenchymal stem cells via Node-Pore Sensing.  Congrats!

Olivia Scheideler passes her qualifying exam! Congrats!

February 12, 2016

2nd Annual Sohn Lab Retreat at Tahoe

February 12, 2016

Our 2nd annual lab retreat.  This year, we were in North Tahoe.

Junghyun presents his poster, “Node-Pore Sensing: A Novel Platform to Characterize & Differentiate Cellular Mechanical Phenotypes” at the Breast Oncology Program Retreat, UCSF

February 4, 2016

Congrats to Junghyun Kim and Daniel Yang—recipients of The Graduate Division Nano Block Grant Award for the Spring Semester!

January 18, 2016

Sewoon’s Paper Accepted to Scientific Reports

November 16, 2015

Sewoon’s paper, “Constructive remodeling of a synthetic endothelial extracellular matrix,” is accepted to Scientific Reports. Congratulations!!

Junghyun Kim’s Poster a Finalist for the Best Poster Award at µTAS

October 27, 2015

Junghyun Kim’s poster, Characterizing mechanical properties of cancer cells by Node-Pore Sensing, is a finalist for the Best Poster Award at µTAS in Gyeongju, Korea. Congrats!

Francois Rivest Presentation on Barker-coded Node-Pore Sensing

October 26, 2015

Francois Rivest gives an oral presentation on Barker-coded Node-Pore Sensing at µTAS in Gyeongju, Korea.

MicroTas 2015 Presentations

October 25, 2015

Francois Rivest will be giving an oral presentation and Junghyun Kim and Daniel Yang will be giving poster presentations on their work at MicroTas 2015. October 25-29

Professor Sohn Participates in Berkeley Big Give Campaign

October 6, 2015

Prof. Sohn participates in Berkeley’s Big Give campaign. Check out the ~54 sec mark on the video posted!

Olivia and Roberto Present Posters at Bioengineering Retreat

October 3, 2015

Olivia and Roberto present their posters at the Bioengineering retreat in Asilomar. Olivia’s poster focused on DNA-patterning of neural stem cells: “Versatile Methods for Generating Efficient, Multiplexed Cellular Communities Using DNA-Based Patterning.” Roberto’s poster focused on real-time cellular tracking at the point-of-care: “Developing of Real-Time Cell Tracking Technique for Surface-Marker Screening.” Congrats to both!!

SohnLab at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program

September 26, 2015

The SohnLab participates in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program. Junghyun, Nahyun, Olivia, and Prof. Sohn do a hands-on demonstration on microfluidics for middle-school students.

Welcome Thomas Carey!

September 14, 2015

Welcome to Thomas Carey, our new Bioengineering rotation student!

Professor Sohn at the World Economic Forum

September 11, 2015

Professor Sohn participates on a panel discussion “Decoding Cancer” at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China.

Professor Sohn Participates in Berkeley “Ideas Lab”

September 9, 2015

Professor Sohn participates in the Berkeley “Ideas Lab” with Profs. Ana Arias (EECS), Dan Fletcher (Bioengineering), and Amy Herr (Bioengineering) at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, China. She delivers a “pecha kucha” on the liquid biopsy work the lab is developing.

Francois Rivest Receives Master’s Degree from the EPFL!

September 8, 2015

Congrats to Francois Rivest on his Master’s Degree from the EPFL! We look forward to having him back in November as an EPFL PhD student!

Congrats to Daniel Yang on his Master’s Thesis!

July 23, 2015

Congrats to Daniel Yang on his Master’s thesis!

SohnLab at MicroTas 2015

June 30, 2015

The lab will be well represented at MicroTas 2015 in Korea in October. Francois Rivest has been selected to give an oral presentation and both Junghyun Kim and Daniel Yang were selected to give poster presentations. Congrats to all three!

Welcome Dr. Sewoon Han!

June 1, 2015

Welcome Dr. Sewoon Han, our new postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Han received his Ph.D. from Prof. Seok (Sid) Chung’s group at Korea University.

Welcome Brian Li!

June 1, 2015

Welcome Brian Li, who is from UT Austin and is an Amgen Scholar!

Welcome Undergraduate Researchers!

June 1, 2015

Welcome to our summer undergraduate researchers: Kathleen Keh, Serena Leong, Rui Li, Shane Pracar, Lisa Qing, Stephanie Scribner, Andy Sum, and Shun Yao. We hope that you’ll have a productive and successful summer, and have as much fun as we do!

Professor Sohn at the 2015 EIPBN Conference

May 29, 2015

Prof. Sohn gave an invited talk on Node-Pore Sensing at the 2015 EIPBN (Electron, Ion, Photon Beam and Nanofabrication) Conference in San Diego, CA.

Congrats Graduating Seniors!

May 16, 2015

Congratulations to all our graduating seniors—Stephanie Cai, Rui Li, and Christina Lin! We are all proud of you!!

Welcome Back Roberto Falcon!

May 11, 2015

Roberto Falcon, Bioengineering graduate student, joins our group after completing his 1st year rotations. Welcome back!

Prof. Sohn at the Bay Area Spring 2015 Conference at UCSF

May 9, 2015

Prof. Sohn gave a Plenary talk on Node-Pore Sensing at Korean Life Scientists in the Bay Area Spring 2015 conference at UCSF.

Daniel Yang at the 2015 SPIE Bio-MEMS and Medical Microdevices II Conference

May 6, 2015

Daniel Yang gave an oral presentation on his paper, “High-throughput microfluidic device for circulating tumor cell isolation from whole blood,” at the 2015 SPIE Bio-MEMS and Medical Microdevices II Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Prof. Sohn at Princeton’s Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

April 3, 2015

Prof. Sohn gave an invited talk on Node-Pore Sensing in the Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University.

SohnLab Retreat in Lake Tahoe

February 20, 2015

First Annual SohnLab retreat at Heavenly, Lake Tahoe. February 20-22